One More Trip

Tonight we are leaving for our annual trip to Lewes, Delaware, and our final trip for not only the summer, but likely the rest of the year. Though Labor Day traditionally signifies the end of summer, we always head down to Lewes the following weekend and so, to me, this weekend will truly be summer's end. We've done a lot of traveling this summer, but this is really one of my favorite trips. It's just a car ride away, clocking in at 3.5 hours, and my hope is that Penelope will sleep most of the way while Shaun and I indulge in car snacks and enjoy hours of music.

Tomorrow, we'll wake up bright and early, food shop, enjoy the bay and await the rest of the group's arrival. We have a few other things on the menu for this weekend (like seafood, sunsets, breweries and boardwalks) but mostly, I'm excited to spend a few days with my little family and friends.

I'll be posting Five Things tomorrow, so I hope you come on back for that! Have a great Thursday!


Vacation in Siesta Key, FL

Earlier this week, I shared some awesome little donuts that we found in Siesta Key, but I thought it would be fun to recap the whole trip!


We traveled down to Siesta Key, FL a couple of weeks ago for a vacation with Shaun's family. Since the tiny area was located on the Gulf Coast, we flew into Tampa and it was about an hour and a half ride to Siesta Key from the airport.



We stayed at the Sarasota Surf & Racquet Club, a nice condo association right on the beach. Though our unit was a little bit of a walk from the beach, it was close enough that Penelope could walk from our condo (though I think she was probably ready for a nap by the time we reached the water!).



She acted like such a little big girl, I couldn't even handle it. We brought her puddle jumper, which has been a great floatie for her this year.

She is still skittish about floating on her own (which I'm fine with!) and in the ocean, she only went in to about knee deep, but I felt better having her protected in case she fell or dipped under somehow. As an aside, I also really love this float because it is a US Coast Guard certified life jacket as well! Though she was just under the suggested minimum weight for it (30 lbs), it fit her pretty well and I'm glad we will have it for next summer too (it goes up to 50 lbs!).

We purposely made little to no plans while in FL so that we could wake up when we felt like it (or when Penelope mandated), leisurely eat breakfast, allow Penelope to nap, and spend time lounging on the beach. 



Since August in Florida is low season, we had a lot of space on the beach. The shore line was so flat that we could easily sit near the water and let Penelope just wander around us a bit, and even walk down to the water line. 

The downside of low season? Storms!


We got caught in the rain more than a couple of times, and one day was a total wash. I really didn't mind, though. And the storms kinda came and went the rest of the time. It would be sunny and bright and then we'd suddenly see some scary clouds roll in with lightning and all. A few times we ran inside, and a few times we stuck it out. The storms were so fast and furious, that they left a few giant puddles in their wake. These also made great kiddie pools for Penelope (and Shaun) to run through.


They also spent lots of time digging holes and building sandcastles.

We went out in town a couple of evenings, which was great. We had dinner at the Daquiri Deck, and went back for post-dinner drinks one night. I had the blue, electric lemonade good! I'm not usually a cocktail drinker but the heat made a glass of Malbec pretty unappealing. This was a great, refreshing (and booze-filled) beverage. We also enjoyed live music.


Late in the evening, the bar was bumpin' with a DJ to boot.

We also found live music at lots of the other local spots. This band did some fantastic Sublime covers. Shaun has always been a huge Sublime fan, and the music reminded me so much of our college days, when we were first dating. Great stuff.


The Siesta Market was a great, nearby spot for all food and alcohol things, especially in the wine and beer department. Is it me, or does it feel like I was walking into Clerks?


The area is so tiny that golf cars (in addition to cabs) actually serve as transportation for people from downtown to their hotels, resorts and condos. Shaun was pretty psyched to test one out and so we hailed a cart back to the condo one evening that we stayed out for a drink while my in-laws took Penelope back to the resort (in our rental car, safely strapped into her car seat).


On Saturday, Shaun had rented a red Mustang convertible, as a gift for his father's birthday. They had the car to tool around town for Saturday and Sunday morning. I took a few rides as well and though I'm not really a car person, it was pretttty sweet.


So fun to ride around with the top down and Bon Jovi blasting. Are we Jersey or what?


Travel-wise, Penelope did well enough. On the way there, she was super antsy and just didn't want to sit still. On the ride home, we flew at night and so she was tired, worn out, and ready to just kick back with some Frozen on the iPad. Generally, she has been a champ all 3 plane rides that we've taken her on thus far, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't glad that we have no flights on the radar for the coming months...and by the time we do fly again, P will require her own seat. Woop!


All in all, it was such a nice trip and always fun to explore some place new! I feel very lucky that we were able to do 2 big vacations this summer (the other one to Aruba!) and have one more on the horizon for next week...our annual trip to Lewes, Delaware! Though I must admit, I'm excited for that trip to be based in the car, not a plane ;)


Sweet Mini Donuts

Last week, I mentioned that we took a trip to Siesta Key, Florida. We rented a condo on the beach and cooked a lot of our meals, and thus little food finds were extra special. One morning when Shaun ventured out to find me Splenda for my morning cup o' joe (just can't go without it), he found this sweet little donut shop on the main drag. We enjoyed fresh, warm donuts for a few mornings thereafter. These donuts were not only adorable but so, so delicious. 

I seriously could've eaten my weight in donuts :\ There were a few different flavors, ranging from strawberry cheesecake to classic powder and cinnamon and sugar. On our last day, we decided on the strawberry cheesecake, key lime and chocolate peanut butter cup.

Tiny, warm, fried donuts, straight out of the fryer. We brought these back to the condo and devoured them immediately.

How cute are they?! Now all I can think of are little warm donuts. I think it's time I got a donut pan.

Isn't vacation food the best? What are your favorite vacation food finds?

Where I've Been Lately: Las Vegas

It's been a wild ride since mid-June. I'm sorry I left you hanging for a while but I've barely been able to keep my head on straight since we've had so much going on. In early June, I detailed what we had on our docket for the month and now that its behind us, I'm ready to give you the lowdown. Since these recaps can get wordy, I'll try to do a recap series this week, and first up - it's Las Vegas!

As you know, I traveled to Las Vegas for the Licensing International Expo. This is a yearly trip to which our entire company (of 12 people) attends. We exhibit with a large booth and this year we really made a statement! We had a brand new booth designed and I have to say, it looked pretty freakin' awesome.

I love Licensing Show because not only is it a great team-building trip in Las freakin' Vegas, but it is a fun way to see so many brands that are out there, from corporate stuff to the hot TV shows and movies. And some brands really go all out with their exhibits, like the awesome Game of Thrones "iron" throne replica.

You know I snuck away from our booth to get a photo in that bad boy. Look out Lannisters! House Humiston is moving in.

And yes, this is my best I-just-punched-Joffrey-in-his-smug-face-(or-maybe-much-much-worse-but-trying-to-keep-things-family-friendly)-and-now-I'm-the-ruler-of-the-Seven-Kingdoms-so-bow-down-to-me-for-all-of-time regal Queen face.

I may have practiced it on my co-workers a few times first.
Ah geekery at its finest.

It wasn't all work all the time though!

I stayed at the Vdara, which is a non-casino hotel near City Center. Just a 5 minute walk from the Aria and the Cosmopolitan, I thought this was a great location, especially since walking in Las Vegas can be a serious mirage at times. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Vdara. It was super chic, clean, spacious and I had this all to myself:

I also got to eat at some pretty fab restaurants, including Sage:

You know it's a classy joint when the drink menu is delivered via iPad...

And Sushi Samba (

I also dabbled in some pretty cocktails, like this spiked strawberry lemonade from the bar at the Vdara.

and last but certainly not least, I attended the Licensing Show opening night party at the Beach at Mandalay Bay, which featured a performance by Flo Rida!

Yeah, it was kinda cool and gave me quite a good feelin' ;)

So that's the skinny on my trip to Las Vegas. Oh and I should mention that yes, I did do lots of actual work while I was there! This was just all the fun stuff surrounding the whole back-to-back meetings, standing all day in heels situation.

Do you travel for work? 

Do you have any trips - work or non-work - coming up?