Turkey Day Tug...in Many Directions

The time of year is approaching. The leaves are falling, the wind is a'changing, pumpkin pie is around us, and calls from family about Thanksgiving plans are starting. The holiday season has officially begun.

Shaun and I are so lucky in that we have two wonderful families to celebrate with. Never wanting to miss out on my mother-in-law's sweet potatoes, my aunt's stuffing, or my mom's apple pie (with homemade crust, thank you very much), Thanksgiving generally ends up as a mad dash around New Jersey trying to make it to one family for dinner and one for dessert. With family on opposite ends of the state and wanting to ensure that we spend equal time with each family (not to mention Jersey holiday traffic), it has potential for stress levels to rise.

Whereas with Christmas, you've got two days to play with, Turkey Day is just one tiny little day with seemingly not so many hours in it. Tack on cooking up a storm and tables full of delicious foods only seen once a year, and the stress levels just kicked up a notch. Though this will be our 10th (!) Thanksgiving together and you'd think we'd have this down to a science, it never gets easier for Shaun and I to plan the holidays, due to said fabulous families and food. The strategizing has begun! And no matter what we end up doing, I just love seeing family and getting to eat delicious food...who's with me?

So how do you guys all handle the holidays, specifically Thanksgiving? Do you trade off year by year? Split your time? Ditch the day altogether by sitting home watching the parade and football whilst chowing down on Chinese food? Leave your strategies in the comments!