Jones Soda Bottles Up Tofurky & Gravy: Yum or Yuck?

It's not really breaking news that Jones Soda ups the ick factor year after year with holiday-themed soda. This year, Jones announced their one Thanksgiving themed soda: Tofurky and Gravy. Jones Soda, known for its eclectic mix of cool packaging and fun everyday soda flavors like Blue Bubblegum, Green Apple, and Orange Cola, also releases limited edition sodas surrounding holidays or other special events, like President Obama's inauguration. In previous years, Jones has served up Thanksgiving sodas with the likes of Turkey & Gravy, Sweet Potato, Dinner Roll, and Pea, not to mention pie flavored-soda.

This year, however, Jones is upping the vegetarian flavor by teaming with Tofurky for the 100% vegan drink. For $11.99 you can order up the Thanksgiving gift pack to include the following:

3 bottles Tofurky & gravy
1 bottle Jones Zilch Black Cherry (the Zilch signifies their new no-calorie soda)
1 bottle Jones Zilch Pom
1 bottle Vanilla Bean
1  Tofurkey metal lunchbox
Bonus: When you buy the gift pack, $1 from your purchase is donated to PAWS, People Helping Animals. Though perhaps Tofurky's not the chicest Thanksgiving flavor, it's kitschy and charitable to boot.

I must admit: I have never tried the Thanksgiving collection of Jones Sodas, but I'd love to hear from those who have. I guess I'm just in disbelief that not only are these flavors bottled into soda, but that people actually drink them. What goes into these sodas? And what makes it vegetarian anyway? Is there really such a distinct flavor between real turkey and tofurkey? Are you going to make this part of your Thanksgiving table this year? Am I discriminating by not wanting to try it? Talk back in comments!