Give Thanks By Giving Back

I know I write about food - a LOT. And I'm fortunate enough to be able to afford to eat food - a LOT. Unfortunately, for many people in and around New York City (and across the country) this is not the case. That's where a fantastic little organization appropriately named Robin Hood comes in. A non-profit organization working to feed 120,000 hungry New Yorkers this holiday season, Robin Hood has teamed up with Fresh Direct to provide full turkey dinners with all the fixin's (like stuffing, veggies, even cake!) to those in need. For $50, you can purchase a Robin Hood Holiday Meal for 8 to be delivered by Fresh Direct and help a hungry family of 8 have a fantastic meal during the holiday season. Want to know how easy it is to make a difference? Click here, fill out the form, pay your $50 and Fresh Direct handles the rest. For more information visit and find out how you can help hungry families across New York City. Still not put over the top about this? Not only is it a worthy cause, it's 100% tax deductible to boot.