World Series Food Hits it Outta The Park

Tonight I'll be watching what will hopefully be the final game of the World Series as the Yanks clinch the title. While I'm all for making it interesting, I'm sorta ready to move on with my life and halt my nights being dictated around the games. And though I'll miss those pin stripes, I think that can be cured, or at least held off until next season, by an NYC Yankee Victory Parade.

Since nothing seems to bring New York together like tragedy or professional sports, it's only fitting that this should extend to the waistline. Two of my favorite desserts are dishing out World Series-style grub, and since tonight should be the last night, it could be your last chance to snap up these delectable delights.

Crumbs World Series Cupcakes

The famed (and my favorite to date) cupcake shop is serving up Yankees-themed cupcakes at all locations around the city. Though I'm sure there selling like hot cakes (get it?) with so many locations popping up around New York and New Jersey, a quick call ahead should ensure you get your pinstriped sugar fix. For $3.75, this giant vanilla cupcake is fittingly filled with light blue cream cheese frosting and topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting. The icing on the cake if you will, are the blue and white sprinkles and Yankees cake topper. While the vanilla overload is in full effect here, even for my vanilla-craving taste buds, it's limited edition...and like rooting for the could you not?

Turkey Hill's Bronx Bombers Sundae & Pinstripe Brownie Blast

Another dessert favorite, the Turkey Hill limited edition ice creams should be much easier to track down and offer a variety to please the palette. After all, if you don't live in a snobby-chic town or feel like waiting in potentially long lines, ice cream is the way to go. While the Bronx Bombers Sundae is chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie swirl and chocolate-covered crunchies, the Pinstripe Brownie Blast (and my personal pick) is vanilla ice cream with brownie batter swirl and brownie pieces. I mean, really...yummmm!

So how about it? What will you be eating during tonight's game? Where will you be watching the game? Anyone care to share other Yankees/World Series themed foods?