Fun Foodlines

I'm all tuckered out from late night Game 6 and my love affair with the Yanks continues...anyone planning on attending the parade tomorrow?

Anyhow, as I try to muster myself together for work, check out some fun food headlines from this week.

- Not sure how this could possibly be a good thing, but 7-Eleven will start selling low priced wine - Cabernet & Chardonnay for a mere $3.99 per bottle. I wonder if they'll start pairing this with a Big Bite, making the first 7-Eleven combo meal.

- First lady Michelle Obama will help Food Network kick off it's new season of Iron Chef America. Bobby, Batali, and Mrs. O? How will I ever go back to just regular, plain ol' Iron Chef America?

- Anyone catch the Top Chef Reunion Dinner last night? How about the new Man V. Food? I left 'em on my DVR in favor of Game 6...but will certainly be catching up with Fabio tonight!

- Tonight I'll be dining at this place so check back for a write up soon!

Enjoy for today! Any other interesting food stories this week that I may have this salad surprise?