S/P Survival Guide, Vol. I

You've got your monthly pass and you're ready to go. But after your first ride on the PATH, you realize that you are ill-prepared. You thought you had seen the worst of it on the stinky, crowded subways and therefore how much worse could it get? Well my fellow S/P'ers, the PATH is it's own brand of awful. We'll be bringing you some friendly survival tips.

1) Push people in order to get a seat.
You must be willing to throw your politeness to the wind in hopes of saving yourself. We realize that this may be an unrealistic expectation. After all, the PATH is a place where pregnant women and old people are tossed aside in the Every-Man/Woman/Child-for-themselves practice that is enacted the moment you set foot through that urinated-on doorway. Just be warned that if you do not adopt this practice, you will be stuck crammed into the armpit of (most likely) someone who does not share your concept of personal space or hygiene.

2) Stilettos Not Allowed.
You think of yourself as a New Yorker. You spend more time there than at home. And your white sneakers circa Jerry Seinfeld 1989 are just not acceptable as a form of traveling footwear. Just because like me you may fit between Jersey City and Manhattan, that is no reason to skimp on your glamorous NYC footwear. But be warned that brisk, pushy walk to the underbelly of the PATH station is unkind to high-heeled tootsies. Better break out the Tori Burch ballet flats ladies.
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