Daily Dilemma: Taking the Stairs

It's the end of the work day. You're hot and feeling nasty from standing in the aforementioned armpit. You have one final hurdle to climb - the seemingly never-ending staircase from the depths of the earth back into civilization.

How to work up the motivation after a brutal work day or a drunken Saturday night when there's an escalator quietly calling to me? At times, it can seem as daunting as climbing Mt. Everest. My internal conversation goes something like this:

Legs (upon seeing stairs): "No No No! You can't make me do it!"
Mind: "I will make you and you'll like it! You haven't been to the gym in 3 days AND you had pizza for lunch!"
Legs: "Damn you pizza. Ok, but do NOT expect me to hit the gym tonight."
Mind: "Fair enough."

Tips to get you up that staircase:
1) Think about that pizza you had for lunch.
2) Think of yourself as a mini version of Rocky climbing the Philly steps. Extra points for adding the theme song to your iPod.
3) Think about how you just avoiding being a sheep herding onto the escalator like 98% of those around you.