S/P Survival Guide, Vol. II

We're bringing you more tips for keeping your subway sanity.

Always use the bathroom before you go.

Don't be fooled by your plan to have a 'quick trip' on the subway. I have made this mistake before and have been left writhing in bladderial pain when some dbag decided to pull the emergency brake. It was a Thursday. I had driven into the city and was hopping on the subway to take the 'quick' ride up to work. This should have taken 15 minutes, tops. I had opted to hold it for 15 minutes and use the office ladies room, rather than the Port Authority (am I alone in my thinking here?). It was perhaps one of the most unwise decisions of my life, as I ended up trapped on the subway for 45 minutes. So my advice to you is, if you have even an inkling that you may need to potty, do it before you ride.

Bring a snack.
Just like the above, you NEVER know when you might get stuck on the train. Here are some recommended snacks, just in case:
-Polly-O string cheese - a classic, childhood fave
-GoGurt - yogurt in a tube! for on the go!
-100 Calorie packs - insert any of your favorite ones here
-Good old-fashioned piece of fruit