When the Stars Align

Oh what a wonderful Friday. I woke up late, from aforementioned wine coupled last night with the Sweet 16 tourney, took the time to shower, do my make-up, straighten my hair, AND iron a shirt - after all it's Friday, its 60 degrees out, and Blue Smoke is calling my name for post-work comfort food.

I left my apartment late per usual (without my Northface OR my Uggs!), yet somehow the stars aligned for me, paving the way to get to work on time - for once. Is there a better feeling than running down the PATH steps, just as a 33rd street-bound train pulls into the station, and best of all it is NOT completely packed?

And the answer is yes, there is. It's when following this stroke of luck, I walk upstairs, and a B train is waiting with doors wide open. I didn't even have to do the run and dive to make it through the closing doors, avoiding leaving my purse and at least one limb hanging outside the car. I even had time to treat myself to a large Hazelnut coffee from my favorite coffee shop.

It's days like these that hope fills my heart for warm weather and convenient travel.