S/P Survival Guide, Vol. III

Hands + Handles = Germ-infested Appendages

Your daily ride may leave you with much to be desired on the cleanliness front. And while you may be tempted to start toting a can of Lysol, as a fellow Big Appler, you're better than that. It's subway surfing, hand sanitizing or dealing. After all, what New Yorker expects clean? Now that glove weather is officially over, the recommended option is the half surf, half sanitize combo - surf when possible and if grasping to stay afloat is necessary, promptly sanitize all exposed areas.

For a summerlicious, recession-friendly antibacterial option, try Coconut Lime Verbena Pocketbac from Bath & Body Works.

Hands dried out from winter chill, compounded by said hand sanitizer? Try Lollia Mini Hand Creams from Anthropologie.