Say goodbye to hard copies of books and make way for the electronic reader in the form of the Kindle, a synergetic reader that seems like such an obvious idea, it makes me mad that I didn't think of it first.

How it Works:
-Set up your account with credit card info and automatically link to Kindle
-With a few clicks and scrolls, you have thousands of books, newspapers, and blogs at your immediate disposal (Not only do you buy the reader from Amazon - but then all of your books are purchased via
-Books/newspapers/magazines/etc can be archived and basically kept forever
Why it Rocks:
-Keeping you sane on any claustrophobic PATH or Subway ride
-Ease of transport - no more being weighed down by Breaking Dawn, hard cover edition!
-Can access the Internet (via super cool Amazon Whispernet) for free!
-Not only can you download books, but daily New York Times, Journal, Post editions delivered before you're even awake each morning
-Automatically bookmarks your pages so no more tattered pages or slips of paper holding your place
-You just look cool having one
-Having to pay for each book, albeit at a discounted price.
-No more passing around books with friends, so before you recommend something, be sure to alert your fellow reader that one does not share via Kindle.
-The free leather case leaves much to be desired from a functionality standpoint (remember balancing coffee, Kindle, handbags...)
-Getting the first edition for Christmas, only for Amazon to follow it up with Kindle 2 one month later.
Bottom Line:
Fab for commuting and general travel, but beware that your monthly book expenses could go through the roof.

Anyone else out there using this nifty device?