What: No, it's not the name of a gentleman's club, but a rockin' bar/lounge in the Fashion District.
Where: 2 West 35th Street
Why it Rocks:
1) Sex & the City Wednesdays, featuring a big screen showing of your fave eps and fashionably monikered drink specials...Mr. Big shots anyone? Bring a group of 8 ladies or more and get free apps!
2) Fab outdoor seating arrangements! As Spring springs, this is a highly valued feature as all city dwellers long for some semi-fresh air
3) Music is fun and audible, but not so much that you can't carry a conversation.
4) Happy Hour Mon-Fri from 3-7, including $4-$6 specialty cocktails and $6 glasses of wine.
Bonus: It's charitable! Katwalk encourages guest bartending gigs where they donate 10% of drink proceeds to the charity of guest bartender's choice.

1) You have to practically climb over piled up trash on the corner to reach the entrance
2) Remember those fab outdoor seating arrangements? See Gripe #1.
3) Stay away from the nachos, unless you are into chips slathered in fake cheese and salsa (and not in a good way).

Bottom Line:
Great place for after work drinks, especially if you start before 7! Stay at the bar unless you've reserved a table. While it does get crowded quickly, seats frequently open up.