Piggy Swine Flu

President Obama says not to fret over the recent swine flu epidemic, but as a person living in the place where 8 of 20 cases have been reported, I’m on full alert. Short of wearing a germ mask (which I'm totally considering), here are some tips for keeping your sanity.

Do’s & Don’ts:

1) Since the subway surf is never a guaranteed option, do use a tissue or other disposable cloth to create a barrier between you and the germ-infested handrails.
2) Do scrub those paws! This should be the first thing you do when you walk into the office. Say it with us, "lather, rinse, repeat…"
3) Even better, do carry around hand sanitizer – remember this article?
4) Don’t stand too close to other people unless absolutely necessary.
5) Don’t make your diet pork-free, as pork products are ok to eat*…unless you are looking for an excuse to remove bacon from your diet…
6) Don’t overreact. I’m suffering from full-on allergy attack this morning, and I’m laying the blame on global warming.

*Info from health.msn.com