April Showers

It's only 3 days into April, and already the gods have unleashed their fury in the form of a downpour. Just last week I gleefully praised the happy spring Friday, and here I am today with frizzy hair and wet feet. Don't get me wrong, there is something comforting about a good storm...just not when I have to leave my apartment and venture out into it. Am I alone in thinking that the only thing worse than riding the train in general is when riding it whilst soaked in dirty rain water? Not to mention the day when you forgot your rain armor?

Defense Against the Storm Tips:
1) Beware of the slippery subway steps and sloping street corners where the puddles run deep and cabs don't slow down, causing a veritable tidal wave of infested water. (A word to the wise...keep your mouth closed).
2) Best defense against the storm? A super strength (and chic) umbrella and super cute, recession friendly rain boots. Just be sure to get the tall ones for the most coverage.
3) It's Friday so treat yourself to lunch! Just remember to order in today, but don't wait till you tum is growling - delayed delivery service in downpours!