Daily Dilemma: Leaners

Have you ever been leaned on while riding the train? You know the sitch. The train is packed. You've once again had a rough day because your boss just wouldn't back up off you. And to top it off, you end up next to a Leaner. Whether sitting or standing, Leaners are wreaking havoc on the daily ride.

Let me tell you a story. Daylight Savings had begun and I was super psyched to get home during daylight. I rushed to the 33rd street PATH station, and was lucky enough to get a spot where I could lean on the wall of the train while standing. This is the most highly coveted spot aside from the ultra coveted and hardly-achievable seat. Imagine my surprise when a trio of British chicks comes and crowds my space. I will interject here by saying that crowding of personal space is accepted and expected...when there is no other space to stand. On this particular train car and on this particular night, there was plenty of standing room. One of the said Brits then proceeds to lean on me, obstructing any space that I had to hold the handrail. And anyone who's rode the PATH knows that one must always have a clear view to a handrail because of the spontaneous jerking that this particular train tends to do.

Despite my best efforts of rebuttal with a polite 'excuse me' and eye roll behind her back, she refused to give me space. What's a polite, experienced NYC traveling gal to do? My suggestion is that when said British girl leans on you, push her. And then push her again when she and pals diss American sayings whilst riding American transportation.