We're just mad about Saffron...

Ok fine, so yellow isn't my color but I don't know of any green songs that have been in my head all weekend. Despite the rain and cold that has consumed 3 of the last 4 days, we're looking ahead to those May flowers and green things all around. After all, what better season to celebrate all things green? Here are some green things that we can't get enough of...

Green herbs and veggies at Union Square or Lincoln Center Farmer's Markets
-Asparagus, string beans, and broccoli oh my! Mix 'em all in a delicious stir fry along with some of our favorite House of Tsang stir fry sauce...beware: spicy version could cause loss of control of sinuses.
-Officle desk looking drab? Pick up a green plant to pretty up your depressing office digs

Wonderfully Green Grass in Central Park
-If you're in walking distance (which I am, so hurrah!) take your lunch break on the Great Lawn or any other giant patch of green.

Green Tea Blast at Jamba Juice
-Delish but a bit high in caloric intake (291 calories per 16oz...eek!)...better hit Pilates after work

Other ways to green your lifestyle (and we're not talking about the environment):
-Truly adorb green sandals under $100
-Writing a good old fashioned note via snail mail? Try super chic green eclectic note cards.
-Try this delightfully Springy green scarf for windy days or for a darker blend, try this one.

Sorry, I don't do East side (unless it's the Village or Blue Smoke), so the 4-5-6 line is out!

Any other wonderfully green things out there?