Environmentally Green

After writing about the superficial green things in life, I realized that perhaps we should also take a look at some environmentally green things, because after all it is oh-so-chic to be green.

If you are like me and have decided to STOP buying lunch every day (even though sadly in an office setting, ordering lunch can be one's only solace in an otherwise mundane environment), you may be looking for a way to bring your lunch to work that doesn't say 'poor bag lady'. Make bringing your lunch chic with these insulated lunch totes from Kir de Vries. You'll be cute, thrifty, AND saving the environment.

Trying to get in gallons of water at work but single-handedly depleting the community stock of paper cups? Try these fab BPA-free sport bottles. The environment, and your carcinogen-fighting bod will thank you.

You may be seeing them everywhere, but eco bags really are the new wave of shopping. Not wanting to tote around the grocery-store sponsored version? Pick up a super cute personalized tote which is great for a quick grocery stop. Trying to channel your inner domestic goddess by stocking your kitchen with an abundance of delectable delights? You may want to try a less expensive version with Envirosax, 5 for $28.99. Once you have the bags, remembering to bring them with you to the grocery store is a feat all of its own. Luckily, these roll up with a snap closure, so keeping them in your everyday bag is simple!

Try walking. I'll be busting out some walking shoes just as soon as it stops being under 40 degrees outside coupled with the nervy MTA fare hikes coming our way. Always a great excuse for some new, comfy yet adorable shoes! Try Nike Mary Janes for cuteness & comfort.

And from my dear sister: Also, check out Starbucks' green coffee mug..no more wasteful paper cups...and its super cute...