Wolverine: There’s Just Something About a Prequel

…especially when that prequel features a jacked Hugh Jackman, super special effects, and deliciously villainous adversaries. I have always been  fascinated by prequels and their ability to bring a new dynamic to the screen through a different way of storytelling. While devotees already know how Logan ends up, it is great to see how Marvel makes all the pieces fit. The original X-Men film was my first superhero genre movie experience. I had no idea what X-Men was, but immediately fell in love with the at-the-time unknown Hugh Jackman and his gang of mutants just trying to exist in a closed-minded world.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine does not disappoint in keeping the X-Men franchise alive. A “new” villain in the form of Liev Schrieber (Victor/Sabretooth) brings a necessary freshness to the screen, and Jackman’s continued spot-on performance as the tortured, revenge-seeking Wolverine left me wanting more. While the plot perhaps isn’t the strongest storyline and there are some discrepancies between Wolverine and X-Men 2: X-Men United, I’m willing to overlook it because this movie is fun. The casting and scenery were spot-on and the sound and special effects are worth the ticket price.
Ryan Reynolds charms as the comedic (and uber buff, yum!) Wade Wilson/Deadpool, and a special shoutout goes to Lost-ies Dominic Monaghan and Kevin Durand for coming back into my life. Expect a few cameos and some X-Men faves. And to all of those downloaders of the leaked version, I feel sorry for you as this is a movie you need to see on the big screen.

Bottom Line:
Superpowers are cool and I wish I had some! There’s action for the guys, eye candy for the ladies. Sure, you could see this film and probably enjoy it without any X-Men knowledge, but since it’s one of my favorite superhero movies, go ahead and rent the original before you go. You’ll get the inside jokes and already have a stronger connection to the characters.

Not enough Ryan Reynolds or Taylor Kitsch for me!