Yankee Stadium vs. Citifield: Baseball Park Awards

After careful observation, taste testing, subway riding, cheering, and doing the wave, I'm happy to announce the Baseball Park Awards amongst 2 strong contenders, Yankee Stadium and Citifield.

Best Historical Presence
The winner is: Yankee Stadium.
And there’s really no contest here. While Mets fans are grumbling about its lack of previous Mets presence in favor of the homage to the Dodgers and Giants, Yankee fans will be very pleased to know that the new Yankee Stadium is essentially a museum of Yankee legacy. From the Great Hall to Monument Park, no triumph is left unturned.  

Best Way of Getting There
The winner is: Yankee Stadium

I don’t know about you, but I dread the ride out to Citifield with a passion. It’s crowded and just takes way too long, even if you do manage to catch the express line, which really is the only acceptable way to go in my opinion. Yankee Stadium, on the other hand, is a quick shoot on the B or D line. Catch the express and it takes 15-20 minutes tops from midtown. 

Best Prices
The winner is: Citifield
If you recall this article, I even made the Mets at Citifield a Date of the Week, primarily because of its very reasonable prices by ballpark standards. Unfortunately Yankee Stadium was a huge disappointment in this category. Not only can the ticket prices be astronomical at Yankee Stadium, but the same Nathan’s hot dog at Citifield for $4.75 will set you back $6.00 at Yankee Stadium. Same with the beer. A large beer at Citifield could go for $7.00, while the Yanks charge a whopping $10.00. Sure, this includes a souvenir cup, but still. Is it me, or are we being taken advantage of?

Best Audience Participation
The winner is: Citifield 
The most fun part of going to a ball game (aside from the food of course) is cheering for your team. I felt Yankee Stadium not only lacked in its jumbotron encouragement for making noise, figuring out which hat the ball was under, trivia questions and seat upgrades, but the game goers just weren’t into it either. Could be because Mets fans are used to being the underdog and therefore are willing to put in more effort. Either way, the crowd seemed way more into the game (and cheering for it) at Citifield.

Best Restrooms
The winner is: Yankee Stadium 
I have fairly low expectations for ballpark bathrooms, but Yankee Stadium surprised me in that the bathrooms were not only clean, but classy with nice lighting and fixtures. I actually enjoyed using the ladies room and didn’t grumble about the long lines.

Best Food Item 
The winner is Yankee Stadium’s Garlic French Fries. 
Holy Garlic, these were delicious. Although I’m a ketchup fiend, I found it completely unnecessary on these fries already covered in garlicky goodness. Be sure to share these, as you do not want to be the only member of your party with unbearable garlic stench emanating from your pores. But it’s totally worth it.

Best Concessions
The winner is: Citifield

Better pricing and more fun options, from Nathan's to Blue Smoke to Shake Shack (and we all know how I feel about Shake Shack). While lines can be long for these concessions, the option are fun and delicious.

Best Experience Watching the Game 
The winner is: Yankee Stadium
Perhaps it’s the years of championships that proceed them. Perhaps it’s those pin stripes. Perhaps it’s my own biased opinion…but there’s just something exciting about watching the New York Yankees.

Best Overall Ballpark Experience 
The winner is: Citifield 
I hate to do this, and I know I’m going to get angry calls from my parents accusing me of becoming a Mets fan under my husband’s influence, but the honest truth is that as an overall baseball park experience, I’d rather hit up Citifield for an after work game. Ok, so the Mets are just not the Yankees. But for a nice, budget-friendly after work outing where almost every seat is a good seat, I reluctantly vote Citi. Not only were the ticket and concession prices way more reasonable, but the stadium itself is just more welcoming and feels like home. Stepping off the 7 train and bounding down the stairs, Citifield is a huge red brick beauty, while Yankee Stadium is hidden amongst the subway overpasses and just felt like a cold, gray, concrete slab. Angry comments and e-mails are welcome and expected.