I don't know about you, but I woke up today thinking it had to be Friday since this week has seemingly gone on for much longer than 2 days. If you are looking for a bit of happy hour to get you over the hump and make the next 2 days less painful, I suggest hitting up Rosa Mexicano for the debut of Guac on Tap.

What is Guac on Tap, you ask? Head into any Rosa location around the city (I recommend Union Square) between 5 and 6pm tonight, spend at least $10 and get some free guacamole! And really, have you ever had better guacamole than Rosa's? This Manhattan chick has not. Choose from their extensive drink menu, which includes margaritas, sangria, wine, and if it's been a really rough day, some tequila flights. I recommend their deliciously famed pomegranate margarita.
The promise of yummy drinks and out-of-this-world free guac? That's enough to get me through hump day.