Restaurant Roundup: Sushi Lounge - Hoboken

Just across the Hudson lies a little town you may have heard of called Hoboken (or as I like to refer to it, Hob), and in that town lies a small Japanese gem called Sushi Lounge, which I visited last Friday night. A small restaurant with minimal tables, a fancy sushi bar is front and center (along with a bar of the alcoholic variety), available for seating and admiring the hand-rolled creations. Though the inside was a bit loud for a date situation, Sushi Lounge offers a desirable outdoor seating section in which I happily had dinner. 

The Sushi Bar at Sushi Lounge
The Food
Sushi Lounge offers a vast array of Japanese cuisine and sushi rolls that can satisfy both a seasoned sushi vet (Uni with quail egg, Super Toro) or a newbie sushi virgin (edamame, shumai, California roll). Don’t skip the Hoboken roll, a motley assortment of fish and eel in a tempura roll with a delicious spicy mayo that may leave you reaching for water to put out the fire (but in a totally-worth-it kind of way). 
The Hoboken Roll
We also sampled the Chilean sea bass roll (bass cooked in soy glaze with avocado and wrapped in soy paper) and the Super Toro/Fatty Tuna roll (a delicate, superior cut of tuna). Both of these were light, yet deliciously full of flavor. Highly recommended.
Super Toro Roll & Chilean Sea Bass Roll
All 3 were outstanding, and my only concern is that when I return I won’t want to try anything new, but repeat the 3 aforementioned items since I have been dreaming about them for the last 4 days. Not a sushi lover? Not to worry, since their main dishes looked delicious as well, but alas I never made it to them as I filled up on straight up sushi. The question I always face with sushi is: How much to order? For husband and me, 3 rolls, an order of shumai, and a round of drinks were plenty. After all, Crumbs Bake Shop just opened up down the street…

Getting There
For Manhattanites and Jersey Citians alike, a quick trip on the PATH train will deliver you to Sushi Lounge. Just a quick walk from the Hoboken PATH station, Sushi Lounge is located just off the main drag on Hudson Street, a mere 5 minute walk from the train. Since they don’t take reservations for parties under 6 people, I recommend leaving extra time and planning a trip to the bar while you wait.
Sushi Lounge.200 Hudson Street.Hoboken, NJ
Why it Rocks
Delicious, reasonably priced sushi (total bill for 2: under $70) and fun atmosphere make this restaurant one I will definitely be visiting again. Sushi Lounge also offers a rockin' Happy Hour Monday-Friday from 3-6:30, featuring select half price drinks, appetizers, and sushi rolls.
Just one - The food just came too darn quickly, making our dinner seem a bit short-lived.

We skipped dessert in favor of the aforementioned Crumbs Bake Shop...article coming up next...