Aruba Travelogue: How To Do Breakfast 3 Ways

While I'm typically a low maintenance breakfast eater, the one time I truly enjoy breakfast is in Aruba. Not because it's particularly fantastic, but it's pretty darn good and I let myself splurge from my usual bowl of Special K with Red Berries (yum!). While spending 7 days in Aruba, I found the top three ways (and places) to do island breakfast. First, hot coffee with evaporated milk...the ONLY way to do Aruban coffee! I know it sounds a little weird, but trust me on this one...once you go evaporated, you won't go back.

Mornings at Playa Linda
Dunkin' Donuts
Previously my favorite form of Aruban breakfast, Dunkin' Donuts has an unsettlingly large presence in Aruba. You may be asking, "Why would I go all the way to Aruba...and then eat Dunkin' Donuts when I can get it on almost every street corner in the tri-state area?" Well because the Aruban DD is unlike any other US DD. Sure, it offers the same items - no crazy new donut combinations to speak of. But the donuts are just better.

Breakfast of champions

Exhibit 1: Vanilla or Chocolate Kreme Filled Donuts
Description: Super sweet buttercream-filled powdered donuts (not for everyday consumption)
Winner: Aruba
Conclusion: In the US, this donut would be mostly cake with a small squirt of cream inside the donut. In Aruba, however, the donut is so cream-filled that finishing it is a feat in itself. Beware of sugar-induced comas.
Exhibit 2: Medium Hazelnut Iced Coffee
Description: Pretty much speaks for itself
Winner: Aruba
Conclusion: Not sure if it's the water, prep, or island setting, but the Aruban DD iced coffee is more Hazelnutty and just overall tastier.
If you're staying on Palm Beach, there's one beach side at Playa Linda and one between the Occidental and the Radisson. Lines too long? Head across the street from Playa Linda, next to Smokey Joe's. Prices comparable to US.

Dushi Bagels

Also located at the Playa Linda (street side), Dushi Bagels took the lead this summer as my favorite breakfast provider. Boasting 'New York'-style bagels, Dushi serves up the basics like cream cheese, butter, and lox, but also includes breakfast sandwiches make of eggs, cheese, and any pork product your soon-to-be-clogged little heart desires.
My favorite Aruban breakfast joint

Ok, so it's not quite a New York bagel, but it's pretty close and whatever cheese they use (a swiss/gouda mix perhaps?) is phenomenal. My personal favorite is the egg, ham, and cheese on a plain toasted bagel. After a little morning run, this is the only way to get through to lunch time. Prices range from $2-$5.

The Bon Bini Cafe
Located at the Westin Aruba Resort (also the home of my July 2008 wedding), Bon Bini (meaning 'welcome' in Papiamento) Cafe boasts a breakfast buffet with the biggest and most delicious spread I've tasted to date. Though a bit more pricey than Dushi or Dunkin' and certainly not an everyday kind of breakfast, I suggest sampling the buffet at least one morning during your trip. Be prepared to spend around $20/person, and don't skip out on the waffle and omelet bars.