Hudson Restaurant Week: Even Better Than New York!

While New York City Restaurant Week is winding down this week, Hudson Restaurant Week kicks off today and lasts until Friday, August 7. For the fifth summer, Hudson Restaurant Week is featured at many fab restaurants across Hoboken and Jersey City. Though $35 for a decent 3-course meal at a Manhattan restaurant is not unreasonable, this can still be a financial drain. Not to fear. Hudson Restaurant Week is geared up and offering 3-course prix fix dinner for varying prices, starting at only $25. It's a great way to try new restaurants and cuisine. Not to mention the prix fixes offer a nice sampling of food specialties - perfect for taste testing (which consequently is what I love best).

Some restaurants on my list include Light Horse Tavern (one of the best skirt steaks around), the new Fire & Oak (at the new JC Westin), Lua (Hoboken), and The Quays (Hoboken). While I will most likely not get to all of these in the next two weeks, I like to dream big. For the complete list of participating restaurants, you can check out the list here. Bonus: Visit their site where you can join their e-mail list and note where you found out about Hudson Restaurant Week (!). More viewers = more postings = more great deals coming at you!