Gourmet Garage Offers Cheap Eats on UWS

I am constantly trying to find reasonably priced lunch on the Upper West Side. While there are some fabulous restaurants, the ones offering affordable lunch on a regular basis are few and far between. The options typically range from street meat to pizza to a meager salad. As I left the office to grab a slice, a man on the corner was handing out flyers for the new Gourmet Garage on 66th Street. While I typically bypass the flyer-hander-outers, when it's hot out I just feel bad for them and therefore accept the paper as it's thrust in my face. Even more typically, I automatically throw the flyer in the nearest trash receptacle. But this time, I was intrigued. A new lunch option? I'm all over it.

After inspecting the new digs, bypassing the Olive Bar and cheese counter, I settled on a Black Forest Ham and Cheese sandwich. For $6.99 I got a huge sandwich that could easily feed two people for lunch. Instead of devouring the entire thing, I saved half for lunch the next day. It remained in deliciously edible condition and I rejoiced at my new found lunch bargain.