Beauty on the Go

As a city dweller with a brand spankin' new job, I'm constantly on the go...but not always as awake in the morning as I'd like to pretend. Have you ever slept in just a little too long and wondered, how is it possible to make myself not look like a natural disaster victim today? Who hasn't? I'm happy and excited present our first guest blog entry by none other than beauty blogger and makeup extraordinaire, Christine (who also happens to be my fabulous younger sister). Like what you read? Catch Christine on her own blog, On a Mission Beauty, where she shows different makeup looks, gives video tutorials on makeup application, and provides insight to the hottest and newest beauty products on the market. Think you know makeup? Think again. Check it out...and enjoy!

So we all wish we could wake up looking like Melanie Griffith circa The Working Girl, however, the women of Hollywood never have to deal with the real “Working Girl” problems.

Of course any savvy commuter may know, it’s not always easy to look beautiful while on the go but hopefully these tips will keep you looking fresh and gorgeous for the office (or even a night out on the town).

Let’s set the scene: It’s Monday morning and you’ve hit the snooze button just a few times too many and now you find yourself pressed for time. Any other girl would freak out but the Commuter Girl knows exactly how to handle this.

-No time for blowing your hair dry? Skip washing your hair for a day! Girls, meet your new best friend: Batiste Dry Shampoo. Just spray it on greasy hair at the roots, brush it through and you’re left with voluminous, oil-free hair. Seriously it’s that easy, and the best part? Only $7.50 at any local beauty supply store.


-On to the hard part: Makeup. Actually, this happens to be my favorite part. Here’s a hassle free look that really can brighten up even the sleepiest of faces.

Step 1: Conceal those under eye circles- preferably with a salmon colored concealer because that will counteract the blueness under your eyes. This will probably already make you look 10x better. CoverGirl makes a good one.

Step 2: White Eyeliner= Holy Grail. Line your waterline (the moist strip of skin between your eye and your lower lashes) with white eyeliner and smudge a bit into the inner corners of eyes (near the tearduct). I promise it will brighten your whole face up! This is the only time I really recommend a higher end product because of the staying power. MAC makes my personal favorite.

Step 3: Chapstick. In my 19 years on earth I have learned that chapstick is the best beauty product a girl could own. Every night I coat my lips with this stuff and I am constantly reapplying throughout the day (this would explain my super soft lips). This will give your lips a natural gloss without the stickiness that comes from lipgloss. My favorite one is Carmex, plus it has SPF 15 in it!

CARMEX $2.50
Finally just coat those eyelashes with your favorite mascara and your ready to go. You’ll have no need for blush because chances are your cheeks will already have that natural glow as you run out the door!

This is me before these simple steps… obviously unhappy

and this is me after!

I hope everyone gets a few tips from this post and I hope next time you’re in a bind this will help you out!
Until next time
Xoxo Christine

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