What I'm Pop Culturing This Week...and the Last Few

What I'm Watching...on DVD
After finishing Dexter, Season 1, I burned straight through Dexter, Season 2. Though perhaps not for the uber-squeamish (he is a blood-obsessed serial killer after all), the show keeps up the 'need - to - see - next - ep - immediately - because - I - need - to - know - how - Dex - is - getting - out - of - this - one' urgency. And honestly? That's all I'm asking for. The impeccable (and post-Six Feet Under made over and now v. attractive) Michael C. Hall makes the blood-thirsty Dexter sympathetic while adorable Jennifer Carpenter as Dex's sister (and real-life wife of Michael C. Hall) brings humor as crass, foul-mouthed Deb. The mysteries remain compelling and the stories are tightly woven...meaning I will likely continue onto Dexter, Season 3 as soon as possible.

What I'm Watching...on TV
The end of Top Chef: Masters has brought a new personal obsession with Rick Bayless and a new season of Top Chef, this time from Las Vegas. Though the contestants this season seem like social misfits (and not one bit of eye candy for men or women), I can't help but watch, if only for Padma's kickin' wardrobe and Tom Colicchio's cool. Here's hoping that it picks up steam a little. Meanwhile, my Barefoot Contessa obsession remains strong. Fall TV cannot come fast enough.

What I'm Reading...on Kindle
Essentially nothing right now. I ask you, kind readers, for some good book recommendations. I don't discriminate between genres, so all suggestions are welcome! I have gotten into a bad habit of leaving books half-read when they aren't holding my interest (Three Cups of Tea, The Alchemist by Michael Scott). Help!