Kick Off Fall with Fashion, Food, and Freebies

Since Fall is my favorite season, and we're having unseasonably fabulous weather here in New York, I'm celebrating by attending some free yet fabulous events going on over the next couple of weeks. From fashion to food to fresh city air, you basically can't go wrong.

Fashion's Night Out
The first of its kind, Fashion's Night Out is a one night event kicking off Fashion Week tomorrow, Sept. 10. Designed to boost the industry and get shoppers (like you) into stores (like Saks & Bergdorf), this event will feature free cocktails and grub and discounted fashion pieces. Stores throughout the five boroughs will stay open until 11pm and word is that every notable designer will be out enjoying the festivities as well - even throwing in a performance here and there. Want the inside scoop? Check out New York magazine's Frugal Guide and Full Event Calendar. Ok, I do find it a little patronizing that suddenly the retail industry is hurting and therefore now the peons are invited to participate and spend their money, but the bottom line is that I really want to go. It seems fab and perhaps I'll score a super deal on some seasonal super trend. At the very least I hope to get some free wine and cupcakes out of it.

Hoboken Italian Festival
Moving on from chic to...not so chic, it's the Hoboken Italian Festival. Also kicking off tomorrow, Sept. 10, this 4 night festival will feature local cuisine (e.g. pizza, cannolis) and live music. Though I've never been, I'm not one to pass up NJ classic foods and will therefore be finding some time this weekend to attend. Check this site for a full schedule of events. My only reservation about this event is that it is unlikely to be as fantastic as...

The Feast of San Gennaro
A September staple in the calendar of Rachel. Each year husband and I attend and try lots of fried culinary delights, from skewered meat to fried corn cakes to fried calamari to tiramisu to...the list can go on and on. Like the Jersey shore boardwalk enlarged and displaced into Manhattan, carnival games, circus freaks, and live cheesy music permeate this Little Italy phenomenon. This is a festival that should not be missed. Running from September 10 - 20, it gets beyond crowded, so if you want to try food of any kind, I recommend a night after work and, I cannot stress this enough, get there early and on an empty stomach! Since my new office digs are in the downtown area, there is a high chance that I will be making multiple evenings of it.

Is that enough to get you started for September? I have a busy week ahead...check back for photos and honest reviews! Anyone else attending any of the above? Let me know if you want to meet up!