A Taste of Germany at the Jersey City Biergarten

So I don't often write about happenings in Jersey City, mainly because there aren't many. Don't get me wrong, there are some fabulous restaurants and happy hours (more on those to come at a later date), but there's just not much 'going on' in the traditional sense. And while I'm generally not into rushing the end of the summer, I basked in the cooler-than-usual (and very windy) August weather and kicked off the Fall season at Zeppelin Hall, an indoor/outdoor restaurant and biergarten.

Located a short walk from the Grove Street PATH station, this enormous facility is a hidden gem...if you don't know it's there, you'd never find it. Don't fret over crowdedness - Zeppelin seats up to 800(!) outdoors and up to 250 indoors.

Just a small shot of the biergarten

Featuring 144 beers on tap, there are 3 ways to order - half liter, full liter, or flights (a 5-piece beer sampler, if you will). I went with a half liter of Staropramen (a Czech beer that I discovered in Prague), but this was before discovering the flights. In hindsight, this was a huge mistake which will be rectified on my next visit, as I like to think of myself as a taster.

The full v. half liter...somehow Shaun still drank his faster than me...

Foodwise, I went with the tradition bratwurst on rye, complete with saurkraut and mustard. Zeppelin Hall truly brought back remnant flavors of my trip to Germany in 2006...a week of eating and drinking nothing but bratwurst and beer.

So maybe it's not quite the standard of a cold Kolsch and Koln brat, but for place tucked away in Jersey City? I'll take it. If you're in or around the city this Labor Day weekend, kick off Octoberfest and welcome Autumn with open arms.