It's Baa-ack! NYC Restaurant Week is Here!

Photo taken from nycgo.comThough it's the dead of winter and there's not a whole lot going on in the traditional sense, I'll admit that I do enjoy taking advantage of indoor activities. The Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA, lots of movie going, and dining at restaurants that I've had on my list for months are at the top of my winter plans. Luckily, the restaurant industry agrees, as Restaurant Week starts this Monday, January 25 and runs through February 5. What is Restaurant Week, you say? It's a little ol' thing they've cooked up to get people like you and me into fancy restaurants that we otherwise wouldn't pony up the dough for, if you know what I mean. With a special menu in mind, diners get a $35 prix fixe meal, including a choice of appetizer, entree and dessert. Booze not included.

In previous Restaurant Week's, I've feasted on aged steak at famed Smith & Wollensky and dined on exquisite sushi at Japonais. Let's face it, unless it's a special occasion, I typically stick to places more in line with my wallet...Places of the Land - Otto - Five Napkin Burger variety. I must mention here that some of the restaurants featured are just not worth it. If you're biting, do your due dilligence (say that three times fast...). Take a moment to compare the Restaurant Week menu with the real menu. I've found that at some establishments, the prix fixe just isn't worth it because a three course meal wouldn't necessarily add up to $35. This happened one year at Marseille...I ended up not even liking my dinner all that much AND it was more expensive than if I just ordered what I really wanted off of the main menu. However, some places are totally worth it, like Delmonico's, Mesa Grill, Smith & Wollensky, and many more. Just check before you go.

This year on my list is Fig & Olive, Artisinal, and Butter. I've got two out of three in the works, but those reservations book up quickly! Oh, and keep in mind that this little promotion typically runs Monday through Thursday for two weeks, unless otherwise noted.

So what do you think? Will you be dining out during Restaurant Week this year? Which ones are at the top of your list? I'm just wishing Bar Boulud had a dinner option and that A Voco wasn't booked up already!