Lots To Be Thankful For

After I read about Julie @ Savvy Eats' idea for 25 Days of the Little Things, I was completely inspired. Julie's idea was to keep a list of all the little things that she is thankful for, adding one more thing to her list for each day in November. Though I was hesitant to proclaim that I'd also be participating in this (what if my life spun out of control and I forgot to keep track, after all?), I'm happy to report that I kept a simple list in my pink notebook that I carry with me everywhere, jotting down one tiny thing that made me happy for each day in November. Though I am constantly thankful for my amazing husband, our wonderful families and friends, our new home and all of the other ways that we are blessed each and every day, sometimes just remembering the little things that make you smile each day (be it something major or trivial) can be very uplifting! Today I'm happy to share with you my 25 Days of the Little Things!

The Little Things
1. Every time Shaun packs my lunch for me (which is often)
2. All of the new commenters on my blog - you really have no idea how this has me perma-smiling for days!
3. Found $1 delish coffee at 92Y, I'm pretty sure the best coffee deal in Manhattan
4. That I was bright enough to finally order my rainboots and my feet are dry today!
5. My apartment is clean...and it's Friday!

6. My mom and her seamstress skills (she made our living & bedroom curtains and they are gorgeous!)
7. Party leftovers + football = perfection

8. My wrist MRI came back clean - no ligament tears! Hurrah!
9. Gap has restocked my favorite legging jeans on their website. I may or may not have been stalking said website for the last 6 weeks.
10. Pumpkin spice syrup in my coffee on a gorgeous Fall day!
11. Surprise visit from my favorite West Coaster, Catherine

12. Having friends over and ordering dinner.
13. Celebrating early Turkey Day with Lindsey & Eric, hopefully the first of many!

14. My apartment smells like Thanksgiving. And I like it.
15. Purchased my first Christmas presents of the season. Whew.
16. Ray LaMontagne Pandora station - need I say more?
17. Shaun did all of the dishes before I got home from work (before I caught him taking a whiff of our Thanksgiving poultry blend herb package). God, I love that man.

18. My new green nail polish
19. Our building concierge stopped the shuttle bus for me as I ran wildly down the hall to catch it.
20. Girls day in NYC with my mom and sisters

21. Robert Downey Jr. 'Nuff said.
22. Kiehl's Tinted Moisturizer makes me look alive. Instead of like the undead.
23. All of my blog readers (!!!!!)
24. Tom Hanks. Meg Ryan. Getting mail and stuff.
25. My husband who makes me happy everyday and our families who are just the best ever!! (ok, not a little thing, but today I am feeling so blessed to have this in my life!)

The man and me being silly...

Both sides of the fam at our civil service in Aruba...

So there you have it. A roundup of all the things that made me smile this month. So what I'm dying to know is: What is making you smile on this Thanksgiving day?