Kitchen Confessions, Part I

These are my confessions…

I don’t know what’s worse…the fact that I sing that in my head every time I think about writing this article, or the fact that it’s usually the Gleeked version which includes a mash up of Usher's Confessions and Bon Jovi's It’s My Life. You decide. Vote in the comments.

Anyhow…back to the task at hand. I really do have a confession for you. I am a messy cook. I mean, a messy cook. I'm not sure if it stems from my overall lack of grace or my slight case of ADD which causes me to jump from one task to the next without finishing the first. But either way, my beautiful kitchen, which I like to pretend always looks like this:

too often looks like this...

(I left out the sink of dirty dishes and the full dishwasher). And that's not even the close up shot, of which I will spare you. You see, not only do I tend to sprawl out my cooking utensils and ingredients, but I also mange to cause a small disaster beyond the clutter. You see, cooking has become my passion and I try to exhibit poise and style. But...I don't. I even got the most adorable apron hoping this would help my street cred. doesn't. Instead, I still manage to have dirty fingerprints on my refrigerator door from searching for rogue ingredients in the midst of baking. I still splatter olive oil from my saute pan, all over my stove and countertop. In fact, Shaun can often hear me yelling and cursing when I inadvertently break a wine glass or get my fingers stuck together with honey. Or simply spill a partial measuring cup of flour when I try to be so careful to keep the kitchen clean. Oh and did I mention that despite my best efforts, I still always seem to have a sink full of dirty dishes?

Somehow I doubt that Giada, in all her Anthro-wearing, white kitchen glory, is splattering tomato sauce on her top while spilling cumin on the floor as her saucepan overflows on the newly cleaned stainless steel stove. Or that her apple pie drips all over the bottom of her oven (and still hasn't cleaned it...oops).

So there it is. One of my major confessions of my cooking endeavors. So what about you? Are you a hot mess in the kitchen? Or are you the perfectly neat chef by nature?