Getting Our Cookie Bake On

Happy Monday to all! Though I'm typically not a fan of the Monday, I do love having my apartment clean and pretty to start the week. Oh and the Giants game tonight doesn't hurt either. Meanwhile, we finally finished our tree last week. You may notice that there's no topper on the tree. Well, that's because I purchased a pretty star for the top but it was dwarfed by the size of the tree and just looked...well...dinky. So for now, it's going topless.

I spent Saturday getting my holiday baking on with my mom. Though it's usually an event for my sisters, my mom and me, the two of us got the party started since Kimberly and Christine are busy with wrapping up end of semester school things (Kim's in law school and Stine is in undergrad!). We made some old favorites, along with some newbies. On the list? Cherry kisses, mint chocolate snowcaps, thumbprints, and butter cookie cutouts rounded out the oldie-but-goodie list.

 The pink color of the cherry kisses just makes me happy. Here's Mom flattening them out...


 I think the mint snowcaps are just about the prettiest cookie ever! Here's hoping they freeze well for Christmas!

 One taste of the thumbprints, and I knew it was Christmas. We never have these cookies the rest of the year. The nutty, brown sugary flavor with raspberry jam just screams Christmas morning - my favorite time of the year to eat cookies. They never taste as good as on Christmas morning, in flannel jammies with a big glass of milk! Santa style!

Since the cutouts are a family (and fan) favorite, my mom and I did one little bit of them since I just couldn't resist. (Fear not, sisters, there are still like 5 more rolls of dough - in red/pink and green - to be done!).


In addition to some of our favorites, I also tested out some cookies from our virtual cookie swap! The recipes we've gotten thus far have been so mouthwatering, that I just had to give 'em a whirl. First up, I made Barbara's Seven Layer Italian Rainbow Cookies. It all started with this delightfully scented ingredient:


We had some trouble getting in there. I layered the finished product together...


...and then packaged it all together with a heavy book on top to sit in the fridge overnight.


Who knew that coffee table books doubled as baking tools?

I also got my frosting on with Lauren's red velvet cookie sandwiches with white chocolate buttercream. Oh my lord, these were delicious. Not that I would know, since I saved all of them for Christmas.

Ok, I may have sampled one along with my Dad who also cannot resist a good buttercream. These were unbelievably decadent and delicious. The cookie was soft while the buttercream was silky smooth and sweet. The perfect combo.

Even Chloe got into the baking fun. Or she may have been not-so-subtly telling us that it was dinner time.

By the end of the day, my mom's beautfiul kitchen looked like this:

But it's all in the name of baking. I can't wait to do more with my sisters in the coming weeks! Now I'm just wishing I had a little plate of cookies for lunch today. So what I want to know is: What is your favorite classic holiday dish that you look forward to each year?