How To Make Your Holiday Cookies Look Even Better

Shaun and I have off from work today so after a quick trip to the gym, we're heading out to finish off our Christmas shopping and pick up some supplies for food that I signed up for to bring to my parents house tomorrow and his parents on Saturday. On the list? A vegetable tart (which I also made for dinner one night and cannot wait to share with you guys)

my sundried tomato + olive tapenade...

and perhaps a seasonal cupcake (contemplating one of the eggnog variety...thoughts?). Topping off the day will be present wrapping, a viewing of Scrooged (one of my favorite holiday movies) and a fancy dinner at Edward's here in Jersey City. Let's get this party started!

Meanwhile, I wanted to do a quick post for you guys and share a super simple tip to make all of those holiday cookies look extra awesome come Christmas. The key? Powdered sugar! There's nothing like a snowy white dusting of powdered sugar over holiday cookies to make them look extra special...and extra delicious to boot.


To get the look, I picked up a small sieve at Walmart for about $2. I scooped in a tablespoon of confectioners' sugar and sifted it right over the top of the cookie platter.

and in for the close up...

So there you have it. A super simple way to turn those cookies up a notch. Oh and this is a great way to jazz up any cookie, be it store bought or homemade. Easy peasy. So what do you think? I do have one more cookie recipe to share with you, which I will try to post this evening for any of your stragglers still looking for the perfect dessert or have ample time tomorrow morning to bake. And just a hint...there's Nutella involved.

How are you kicking off the holiday?