Snowed in + Popcorn Machine

Like most of the Eastern seaboard, Shaun and I were snowed in yesterday.


We filled the time with lots of football, pizza (since I haven't done a non-baking food shopping in longer than I care to admit...) and playing with our shiny new Christmas presents.



Santa was very, very good to us this year! Especially to me, the new owner of a Nikon DSLR camera! When Shaun presented me with my new gift, I was over the moon with excitement and couldn't wait to dig into the goods. Though I took all of the photos that you see here now on the new beauty, I realized that I have a lot to learn about it so stay tuned as {hopefully} my photography skills get better and better!

Meanwhile, I also realized that a certain someone gets a little antsy when being stuck in the house for too long...


Luckily, we received this fun toy to keep us busy.


It's a popcorn machine! This awesome appliance was gifted to Shaun and me on Christmas Eve from my Aunt Diane. Cool, right?


Shaun got to work setting it up and within minutes we had fresh, salty popcorn worthy of movie theater status.

Mixed up with salt in a giant red mixing bowl, this popcorn was ready for eating! With popcorn and soda, a snowy window, a lit Christmas tree and a couple of throw blankets, we settled in to catch up on Top Chef. I'd say it was a pretty fabulous evening.

So what do you think? Have you ever made your own popcorn? I bet there are lots of ways to change this up; from my favorite butter and salt to parmesean cheese or cinnamon sugar!