Thing that make you go 'Mmmm': Whoopie Pies

After a romantic evening at Bobby's Burger Palace in Paramus on Saturday evening (another one crossed off the list, so stay tuned!), Shaun and I stopped off at Whole Foods in the Bergen Center Mall. No, this is not a place that we frequent, but after learning that not only is BBP and Whole Foods on tap, but they also have a Nordstrom Rack, it's pretty much destined to become a serious weekend hang out spot. Since we were so stuffed from burgers and fries, milkshakes were just not in the cards. And being one to never let dessert pass me by, we picked up a little treat for later that night at home. If you've been to Whole Foods (especially one as enormous as the Paramus locale) you know that they have a mighty fine dessert section. Oversized glass cases filled with tartlets, cheesecakes and cupcakes, oh my. But on this night, we discovered a special Valentine's Day dessert - the whoopie pie, decorated in all of its pink glory. After one bite, all I could say was 'Mmmmm...'

I mean, really, don't they look truly delish? I sampled the pink, while Shaun had the white. While they were the same flavor of vanilla buttercream, for some reason, Shaun's was a bit drier than mine. Is it the pink food coloring? Was there more cream? Was the package left slightly ajar on one side, causing his to dry out? These are questions that I need answers to.

Anyhow, they were a fabulous post-burger dinner (yeah, we hit up the gym hardcore that weekend and the days following). My question for all of you is, what's your favorite dessert? Is it something chocolatey? Something with frosting? Something of the fruit pie variety? Something holiday themed? And don't name just one...personally I have a long list of favorite desserts, and they don't all include cupcakes!