Italian Cookies at Court Pastry Shop

In addition to grown-up, buttery sweet cupcakes from Butter Lane, some good old-fashioned Italian bakery cookies made an appearance at our Spring Dinner Party to celebrate my mom's birthday. Not sure if it's the Italian in me or just the innate feeling that all gatherings should, in fact, revolve around good eats and sweets, there's something so wonderfully comforting about real Italian cookies, especially when they're from a real Brooklyn Bakery. Since she was in charge of dessert, and just so happens to live in the land of endless bakeries, she stopped in at Court Pastry Shop for some deeelightful Italian cookies. You know the layer rainbow cookies, chocolate dipped sandwich cookies, rugelach cookies, amaretto cookies covered in nuts, chocolate and hazelnut cookies...Bellisimo.

So what do you think? Are you a fan of the Italian bakery-style cookie?