Easter Fun (and a Special Guest)

This past weekend, I started the Easter festivities a day early by heading over to NYC for a city day with my mom and sisters. Shopping, celeb sightings, a Broadway show, and underrated lunch at Soho Park made this the perfect spring day in Manhattan. Not only did I find some beyond adorable Easter eats at Dean & DeLuca, but as I mentioned, the day was filled with celeb sightings. Down in Soho, it was Bradley Cooper filming his new flick. Oh, he'll always be Will (from his Alias days) to me and I have to say, the in-person viewing did not disappoint. This was quickly overshadowed, however, by sighting the one and only Bill 'n Hill Clinton strolling hand-in-hand down Fifth Avenue. Yup, it happened (be patient and you might just get a sneak peak)...

Anyhow, onto the food. Dean & DeLuca is an upscale little coffee shop slash mini-grocery store with multiple locations, all of differing levels of stock. The Soho location boasts a fairly robust assortment - from fresh produce and baked goods to gourmet coffee and a small selection of housewares. If I made a lot more money, I'd shop there all the time. Anyhow, their Easter goodies were just too cute to pass up. Here's the little birdie cupcakes and full cake...aren't they sweet?

I'm pretty positive that these are the most sugary cookies I've ever laid eyes on...just look at those beautiful colors! Dinos and Bunnies and Carrots, oh my!

And lastly, the little lamb cupcakes...these are almost too adorable to eat!

So there you have it. Some super cute Easter eats from Soho's Dean & DeLuca. Couldn't you just eat them up? And because the highlight of the day really went far beyond food, I'll give you a look at the real stars of the day...

Only deterred from jumping out of the cab by the Secret Service detail, I hung myself out the taxi window and called "Mr. President!" (No offense to Mrs. Secretary, of course, but she was unfortunately a little overshadowed by the fact that we were not 10 feet from one of the greatest living presidents...) Anyhow, he didn't turn around...probably in fear that I was gun-toting or something of the sort. But I did manage to snap the above photo, which isn't too shabby considering I climbed into Mom's lap and hung out of that very cab's back window that you see above. Bradley Cooper, who?

So that was the prequel to my Easter Sunday. Fun food, a showing of Promises Promises, celeb sightings out the wazoo, followed by a fabulous Easter Sunday with the family. How did you spend your Easter weekend?

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