Black Olive Bread at Amy's Bread

Before we get down to today's scrumptious goods, I'm thrilled to share with you some fun and exciting news regarding those killer Dexter cupcakes that were featured on Monday. They've been quite a hit around the blogosphere and have been picked up by a few other sites - CNN's Eatocracy, USATODAY's Pop Candy, Cupcakes Take the Cake, and Carpe Cupcakes - so please check it out if you have a chance! Meanwhile, we're going to extend the GIVEAWAY until Friday (tomorrow) at noon. The winner will be announced later tomorrow afternoon. If you haven't entered, what are you waiting for?

So in the midst of all this bloody fun, I've also managed to devour things outside of my delicious cherry vanilla cupcakes. Remember that little gathering that Shaun and I hosted on Saturday? You know, the one where we I forgot to serve the delicious orzo salad? (though the more I think about it, I realized that I probably subconsciously didn't serve it so I could have more for myself...) Well one of my nearest and dearest, Lindsey and her sweet bf Eric brought over one of my favorite food items of all time: a loaf of olive bread from Amy's Bread.

Now I love bread as much as the next person, but I've never been an obsessive bread eater. You know, the people who can't have bread in the house because they will simply devour the entire loaf in one sitting? Surprisingly, that's not me. Well, usually. That is, until I found Amy's Bread.

With a laundry list of desirable bread varieties, my two favorites are the Black Olive Bread and the Picholine Olive Bread. Yum. For today, we'll focus on the Black Olive Bread since that's what we were gifted with and what I've been thoroughly enjoying all week. Made with organic whole wheat flour, the bread is so light and airy, yet filling. The bits of Kalamata, Amfissa, and Atalanti olives add a delightfully salty and flavorful taste without overpowering the simplicity of the bread. Served with a bit of butter (I use Land o Lakes Light Butter w/Canola Oil, even though that seems sacriligious on such a wonderful slice of bread) and a tiny sprinkling of kosher or sea salt, this bread is unlike any other. I just praise Jesus that there isn't an Amy's bread in Jersey City and that the Village location is a bit out of the way from my walk to the Path after work. It's reserved for special occasions only.


So there you have it. A delicious, slightly salty slice of whole wheat bread that's turned up a notch with the addition of some fancy olives. So, here's the question of the day: Are you a bread person? Do you dabble in it or devour it on first sight? Dish in the comments!

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