Inspired eats from around the blogosphere

I want to send a giant THANKS to everyone who voted for me on Project Food Blog. The results come out today, so my fingers are crossed!

Meanwhile, I've been feeling pretty inspired this past week by many a food blogger and wanted to share some of my favorite things I've seen this week from around the blogosphere. Just as I was having great fun whipping up and subsequently devouring my bloody Dexter cupcakes, so many others were serving up delicious eats that I can't wait to test out in my own apartment kitchen.

Here we go:

Savvy Eats details how to make your own pumpkin syrup for a pumpkin chai tea. If you don't already know how I feel about pumpkin, prepared to find out this fall.

Peanut Butter Fingers has got a great batch of tips for healthy eating while in college. I think these tips should ring true for everyday living beyond college too. After all, is it just me or isn't being trapped at work brutal when it comes to eating healthy? Plus, I will need these once I try making everything on this list.

Smitten Kitchen serves up just about the cutest little cakes I've ever seen for her baby's first birthday. These almost look too adorable to eat. Almost.

Haute Apple Pie celebrates their one year blogoversary and are celebrating with haute pies that look out of this world.

Heather's Dish is welcoming Fall with some homemade jam for those leftover summer fruits. Oh, and aside from gorgeous photos, this recipe looks super simple to boot!

So there you have it. Just a small sampling of what I'm loving this week. You know, beyond polishing off my cupcakes (Shaun doesn't eat sweets!) and Olive Bread from Amy's Bread. Meanwhile, I'm going to continue enjoying this for my mid-morning snack:

After my run this morning, I made the Easy Oatmeal, but substituting some Splenda brown sugar blend for the maple syrup and a bit of pumpkin pie spice for the cinnamon. Just when I thought it couldn't get more delicious...

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