Strawberry & Peach Shortcake

This past weekend, I attended a bachelorette party in Westhampton for one of my great friends, Kelly. Though I had never been to The Hamptons, I was psyched to mark my first trip out there and get to sound uber pretentious and chic by telling everyone that I was vacationing in The Hamptons for the long holiday weekend.

We spent Saturday being carted around in an enormous limosine and being taken to a 3 stop vineyard tour on Long Island. Luckily, Hurricane Earl brought some pretty fabulous weather and a full day of vino-drinking was the perfect way to spend the day. You can imagine the state we were in by the time we reached vineyard number 3, Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard. Minimal food, multiple glasses of wine. The wine was locally made and tasted wonderful (it is my drink of choice, after all). But then I came upon this sign:

I mean, vino who? Bring on the specialty shortcakes please!

This shortcake was unlike any other that has come before it. Homemade whipped cream (which I could eat by the gallon), fresh peaches and strawberries preserved in their own juice, and a homemade biscuit with giant sugar granules on top made this shortcake one for the record books. And I feel confident that my love for this dessert was not solely due to a full day of alcohol consumption.

See how happy I am? And see how I'm holding and enjoying that plate all by myself?

While I suppose this wasn't a typical shortcake since it consisted of a biscuit rather than spongecake or angel food cake, the biscuit was the perfect complement to the sweet yet refreshing fruit and whipped cream. Oh, and I should mention that I was initially a bit skeptical of the preserved fruit, but as I learned it was nothing short of perfectly ripe, sweet and not too soft - all the elements for a scrumtious dessert. And the sweet ladies behind the Shortcake Bar even offered me extra peaches after I told them that I was a food blogger and would be documenting this delicious turn of events.

So there you have it. A little roundup of my favorite Hamptons eats. And if you're curious about the wine, stay tuned for more on Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard and their awesome wine program that goes to benefit rescued horses! More on that to come!

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