Gone South

Tonight I took a little trip down south. Down south to Atlanta for a little work trip. Unfortunately it's not any warmer down here than up north. I kicked off my trip with a little beer 'n books at the airport bar while I waited for the plane. I was just finishing up Naked Heat (it's the novel from the show Castle...anyone? Pure cheese, but pure fabulousness) on the Kindle, so it was nice to have some time to unwind before cramming onto the tiny Delta flight!


Once we landed in Atlanta (on time!), I headed over to MARTA, the local subway system to get to my hotel. I could have hopped in a cab, but I always like taking public transportation. It makes me feel like I'm learning even more about the city I'm visiting. Plus, my feeling is that if I can navigate the NYC subway system, I'm ready to take on the world!

And I have. Here's my sister Kimberly and me hopping a subway in Budapest when Shaun and I visited her in Eastern Europe in '07. We liked to pretend we were super touristy (which we were) and took mostly thumbs up pics throughout the trip!

Once I got to the hotel, I picked up dinner in the hotel cafe. Apparently this is what $13.00 gets you at an Atlanta hotel:


New York City where are you at a time like this? Luckily when Shaun joins me down here tomorrow night, we have big plans to sample some real Southern cuisine! Spoiler alert: There will be fried chicken and peach cobbler. I'm all about sampling local delights to see how it's done right! Just sayin'.

So that's part one of my little Atlanta getaway. Tomorrow I'm at a trade show all day and then the fried chicken will commence. So what about you? Do you like to sample local cuisine? How about the local transportation?