How We Got Down in Hotlanta

As you know, Shaun and I took a little trip to Atlanta over MLK weekend. I had to go down there for work, so the man joined me to enjoy the weekend. Though some people may know Atlanta by Hotlanta, I assure you, hot it was not. The weekend we were there, it was more like Icelanta.

Anyhow, I worked Friday and then we went to the Buckhead Diner for dinner. It was out of this world. So out of this world, in fact, that I accidentally deleted the delicious photos that I took of our food. It's like it was too good to be real. Oh well. In all my blogging days thus far, it's the first time I've ever done that. But let me just tell you that if you are ever in Atlanta, the Buckhead Diner is where it's at.

So aside from eating lots of fried chicken and white chocolate banana cream pie (yep, it happened), we also took in some sights after I finished working on Saturday, starting with the Coca Cola Museum. Did you know that Atlanta is the home of Coca Cola? I didn't either. But it is, so they have a fun museum, and more importantly a tasting rom.

With countless artifacts, this was one of my favorite displays...the vintage Coke dispensers and refrigerators! I would love one of these for my house.

 The whole story of Coca Cola was strewn throughout the exhibit. Since this guy is a history buff, it was right up his alley. And who would have thought that a scientist with a dream of creating a soft drink would turn it into the most recognized brand in the world?! Perhaps its the brand manager in me, but I found the old advertisements and entire story to be extremely fascinating.

As a treat, they also featured the Olympic torch from the 1996 Olympics, which Shaun ran right up to snatch hold, while I snapped right?

And I'm obviously wanting some of the bronzed cup Coke. Don't you think everything would be better in bronzed or gilded cups?

And then we headed into the Coke room. Nope, it wasn't a den of illegal substances. Good thing too, because that would have been awkward. Instead, it was a room full of these pods, each of which denoted a continent or territory and the flavors of Coca Cola that are found there.

I have to say, we thought this was pretty awesome. I didn't even realize that there were so many international flavors, be it good or semi-disgusting tasting.

A little boy came over and warned Shaun not to try the Italian version, but that of course just fueled the fire of Shaun wanting to try it. So he did. It wasn't pretty. The boy was right. The moral of the story is: Kids know their sugar. Take their advice.

After our tums were coated with sugary goodness, we hit up Slice Downtown for some pizza and beer to take in the Steelers-Ravens game. PBR tall boys for 2.50? Don't mind if I do.

I know, who leaves New York and orders pizza? Apparently we just can't let it go.

After pizza 'n beer time, we headed over to the Georgia Dome for the Falcons-Packers game! When Shaun suggested we try to get tickets...and told me the game was in a dome stadium so we wouldn't have to sit in the cold..., I was all yes please! Despite the obnoxious girl behind us and her incessant 'Go Pack Go!' throughout the. entire. game. over. and. over., and despite the fact that my faux-Falcon fanning was short lived due to the beating they took by the Packers, it was a ton of fun and such a special experience to be at a game so full of energy!

If you ever have the means of going to a playoff game, regardless of the team, I say do it!

Plus, at non-New York stadiums, they think its a good idea to give people long sharp sticks to wave around. I was into it and figured that in itself was a once in a lifetime opportunity since I'm fairly positive that would never be permitted in Giants Stadium!

So there you have it. A lot accomplished in a little bit of time. We were able to change our flight on Sunday to make it home in time for the Jets-Patriots game, and no regrets on that one! Even though it was for a short time, I loved traveling and giving Atlanta a little look-see. I find it fascinating to see other places and how other people live, even within our own country! Oh, and of course, for the food! So what about you? Do you like traveling? What is your favorite part?