The Diner's Deck

We got a whole lotta snow here last night and I woke up to this out on our terrace:


I don't mind the snow if it means I'm snowed in! Luckily, I'm working from home for the day so I can sit around in my sweatpants and Kevin Boss t-shirt, drinking endless amounts of coffee and tea while working away. It doesn't get much better than that. I kicked off the morning with a plate of eggs overeasy (my favorite kind), a sandwich thin for dippin' and a mug o'joe with Bailey's coffee creamer. How do you like your eggs?

So I had originally planned to share with you a veggie-packed pasta primavera that I made last night, however, I think it needs a little tweaking. But here's a sneak peek...

We also broke out a Christmas gift that we got from my sister Kimberly for Christmas. She got us a Diner's Deck:


It's a deck of 52 cards with an NYC restaurant on each one and they include a $10 gift certificate for each one! How fun is that? Shaun and I realized that we are already a couple of weeks behind in putting this deck to work, so last night we had some fun with it.

After laying out the cards, shuffling them (and getting some photographs in), we decided to just pick one at random. We landed on Crepes du Nord, a restaurant fusing French crepes with Scandinavian ingredients. Um, yes please! With both sweet (Nutella & banana, lingonberry & ricotta) and savory (smoked salmon w/dill creme) crepes on the menu, I think that our dinner date night tomorrow is going to be a delicious one! Not to mention, we'll save a few beans in the process. I think this is a fantastic gift for any food lover in your life!

So what do you think? Are you over the snow? Or still finding some enjoyment in it? And bonus question: do you ever use entertainment-type books or cards like the Diner's Deck?