Happy Thanksgiving + 50 Days of The Little Things Reveal

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I've got my pumpkin pies made, my Brussels sprouts & bacon dish ready to go, and my Grandma Mary's famous cranberry mold setting in the fridge. Oh and my stretchy pants and fancy top are all laid out and ready to be worn.

I'm so happy today. In addition to eating copious amounts of delicious food today, I am also so excited to take a moment to reflect on the 50 Days of the Little Things! I decided last month to participate in Julie @ Savvy Eats' Little Things Challenge and I have really loved doing this.


For every day over the last 50 days, I've taken a moment to realize a small thing making me smile, and taking note of it. Even on a tough day, just doing this simple act brought a big smile to my face, so thank you to Julie for this wonderful idea! Though I never got around to making my cute 'Little Things' jar, I still kept a tally in a very non-cute Google docs spreadsheet. So without further ado, here's are my 50 Little Things!

1. Shaun took me to Minetta Tavern

2. Jackson Browne 'For a Dancer' on my iPod

3. Nothing quite like being hooked on a good book series

4. Reading on the couch in the morning

5. Spending the day sewing with Mom

6. A successful shopping trip with Kimberly

7. Fun mid-week hang out session with Kristen!

8. Haircut = me as a new person

9. Impromptu drinks with Shaun

10. Perfect autumn weather & bon fire!

11. Having the family over for football

12. Finally getting our overhead lighting put in...I'm unnaturally happy right now.

13. Have a great hair day...take that!

14. Leaving on a jet plane to New Mexico

15. Going for a little hike in the desert


16. Gorgeous turquoise necklace find in Santa Fe

17. Celebrating my cousin's wedding! The entire family is together...nothing better :)

18. Hitting a Texas BBQ spot during our Dallas layover

19. Though I'm completely & utterly spent from the weekend and no sleep, I'm happy to realize that my apartment is 100% clean

20. Putting together a package of 21st birthday goodies for Christine Bean

21. Having the house to myself for a few hours...getting to eat cheese & crackers for dinner + catching up on Parenthood!

22. Eyeliner. 'Nuff said.

23. A night at home on the couch, homemade pizza, red wine and my husband

24. It's snowing! and I like it!

25. Staying in my pajamas until 5pm...taking a shower, and getting back into pajamas

26. Seeing hoards of adorable children dressed up for Halloween...the cuteness is unreal!

27. Happy hour at a fun new spot

28. Having lunch with Kimberly to celebrate her passing the NY Bar Exam (!!!)

29. My new autumn wreath candle, making the house smell like holiday heaven

30. Coffee = my savior

31. Impromptu dinner with both sets of parents!

32. Running a 5K with friends for a great cause

33. Feeling the burn from said 5K

34. Celebrating Kim & Nick passing the NY Bar with dinner @ Tavern on Jane, one of my fave NYC spots

35. Endless frosting & batter sampling while getting my cupcake on with a class at Butter Lane

36. For incredible readers of my blog, making me smile everyday

37. Smells of warm stock simmering, apple whoopie pies baking and a cool breeze coming in the window

38. Our first Sweatsgiving! Hopefully the first of many

39. Staying in sweats/pajamas until 5pm and catching up with American Horror Story...an obsession is a'brewin'!

40. Sweet leftovers = I don't have to cook dinner

41. Our apartment is completely painted! It looks incredible!

42. Shaun packed an egg white sandwich for me for breakfast. Love that man.

43. My new iPhone (yay!)

44. OPI's My Kind of Brown making my nails feel very in season

45. Spending time with my mom and sisters in NYC!

46. Luscious upside down cranberry cake

47. Sleepover/being silly with my sisters & cute turkey cupcakes @ Whole Foods!

48. Having fantastic co-workers who had Thanksgiving pot luck at the office, participate in afternoon skateboarding, attend afternoon field trips and make working not so bad.

49. Feeling like a kid again at The Muppets movie

50. So incredibly blessed to have a happy and healthy husband and family, and we are all lucky to have the holiday season together!

So there you have it...50 Little Things that have made me smile over the last 50 days. I hope you enjoyed!

What is making you smile today?

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

Much love & happy eating,