What I'm Digging This Week

Happy Friday friends! Though it's a rainy miserable one today, I can't help but be skipping along since it's almost the weekend. Last night I went to the eye doctor to get my eyes dilated. Has anyone gotten this done before? I have to say (I know I'm kind of a baby about these kinds of things), but it was pretty miserable. Everything was super blurry and all the lights looked like fireworks. Good thing I didn't drive there or I wouldn't have made it home. So I ended up laying around without cooking or blogging last night. So instead of yummy recipes or restaurant roundups, today I'm bringing you a few things that I'm digging this week!

My favorite on-the-go breakfast. I started drinking smoothies a couple of months ago and absolutely love them in the morning. In my usual mix is almond milk, a piece of fruit (usually a pear or banana), a few scoops of canned pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla extract and if I work out in the morning, some vanilla protein powder. Oh and just last week I turned my smoothie into a green monster by adding a handful of baby spinach! Yum!

Parenthood. I finally caught up on like 5 episodes this week and I somehow forgot that this was my favorite show in the Fall. Shaun doesn't watch it so it can be tough to keep up with it, but I'm vowing never to let it spiral out of control again. I must make time each week for this wonderful show!! Anyone else watching?

Deborah Lippmann Dark Side of the Moon. I have my nails painted with this gorgeous color this week and am loving it. Though this brand can be pricey, the quality and color are tops.



AMC's Best Picture Showcase. Shaun and I are going tomorrow to catch up on our Oscar films! I've wanted to do this every year and never went for it, but this year we are going all out. The day starts at 11:00 with Winter's Bone, followed by Black Swan, Inception, The Social Network and The King's Speech (the latter of which we already saw, so we will probably skip out on that one). On Sunday I'll be watching the Oscars with my mom and am already devising some fun eats for us...any suggestions?

The Hunger Games series. I was very hesitant to try these books out. When my sister Christine told me about the description, I looked at her and said...why would you think I would like that? But as she is usually spot on with all things pop culture, this series has not disappointed! I have loved every moment of it, though if I might, Mockingjay has been leaving a lot to be desired. I'm about 2/3 of the way through it and am hoping for some serious pick up soon!


Aruba. It never gets old. I always reach a point in the winter when I approach the end of my tolerance for cold, dreary weather. I'm almost there and dreaming of my favorite family vacation spot, and home of my 2008 wedding.


Oh and while we're on the Aruba matter, I could really go for one of these for breakfast today...


Followed immediately by a slice of this.

I guess I'll have to settle for rain and the impending weekend instead, with hopes of a cupcake at some point :)

So what do you think? What are you digging this week?