Busy Weekend + Dessert Coma

Happy Monday to all! I hope you all had a great weekend! We were very busy and I can't believe that Monday is already here once again. On Friday we ordered from Boca Grande in JC and had a terrible experience! Our order took 2 hours and when it arrived, they had given me mole sauce on my vegetable enchiladas instead of salsa verde. We've ordered from here before and had great dinners, but this was one of the worst.

Aside from that, I got a super sweet early Valentine's Day gift (more on that tomorrow), we celebrated 2 birthdays on Saturday (Shaun's Uncle Johnny and our bestie Ryan) and then spent the Superbowl overindulging, doing a bit of betting and going to sleep way too late!

We kicked off the evening with a little cooking in my parents kitchen. Despite his bum wing, Shaun got to work on his latest creation...fried pickles!

They were crunchy, dilly and a fantastic Superbowl snack. Served with a bit of horseradish dipping sauce, this was my favorite food of the night. Bum wings aren't keeping this guy down!

My mom and Kimberly made Mom's famous + hearty turkey chili...

...while no game day would be complete without the classic pizza dip.


Also in the mix, buffalo chicken nuggets!


There was also delicious spinach dip, veggies for dipping and skirt steak skewers.


We topped off the evening with lots 'o desserts.


And of course I ended up with a small plate full of goodies. Rounding out the mix was a banana-nutella cupcake, Grandma Mary's pound cake (one of my favorite desserts ever and one I'm determined to master someday), cakey brownies and $50 fudge cake. I just about slipped into a food coma after this one.

And now you understand why I will be hitting the gym every night this week :)

So there you have it. A quick rundown of our Superbowl Sunday. How did you spend your weekend? What are you quintessential party foods?