10 things going on with me

Good morning world! I for one am super sleepy this morning. Not to mention the pouring rain is making me want to just crawl back to bed for the day. Anyhow, for today's What About Me Wednesday, I'm just going to ramble a few things going on with me. Sound alright?

1. I'm currently reading Shanghai Girls. I love it. Before that, I read Room, which was recommended by my friend Kristen, and which I thought was so good I blew through it in a matter of days. Anyone reading these books or any other good ones? I'm thinking of starting a Reading section here on the blog...yay or nay?

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2. This guy is working on his first guest post for TAA. I know, I'm pretty excited about it too!

3. Lately, I've been going to sleep at 10pm. Not last night (see paragraph 1). But lots of other nights. It's made getting up early to exercise like a zillion times easier.

4. Last night I had a {frozen} left over slice of this...


and this...



5. That was directly following a 2 hour workout. On Tuesdays, I take a zumba class, followed immediately by pilates. Our building has a beautiful, brand new gym and we hire an instructor to come in on Tuesday nights for the class. I look forward to it every week!

6. I learned how to make the easiest ever black bean quesadilla. No, really. I sometimes hate when things are called 'easiest ever', don't you? It seems kind of subjective to me. But these actually were the easiest ever. Combine a can of drained black beans with 1/2 jar salsa in a saucepan to heat. Lay a tortilla in a lightly buttered skillet. Cover with shredded cheddar, black bean mixture, a little more cheddar and 2nd tortilla. Cook, flip, cook, serve.

7. I go through serious make up obsession phases, caused by my sister Christine. My beautiful sister  is a make up conneussieur. She owns a ton of it and even has a YouTube channel where she does tutorials. It's more like art than make up. Check it out if ya like!

8. I could eat cold cereal every day for every meal. And not just one bowl per sitting either. Hence why I have cut it out of my life completely.

9. I've developed a Hot Cocoa a day habit. Not good, my friends. Our office has a Keurig and I recently found Hot Cocoa K-Cups in the kitchen there. I gave it a try like 2 weeks ago. I'm hooked. Please send help.

10. I'm running a 5K on March 27! Eek. My good friend Kristen (also fellow book lover and recommender of Room) has organized this in honor of her mother, who sadly passed away last year. Her mom was the creator of my favorite-ever Irish soda bread.

I've been training like it's nobody's business because well...I really don't want to embarass myself on race day. The last time I ran a race, it was a few years ago!

So that's about all that's happening with me right now! What's going on with you? What are you reading? What are you eating? Have you ever cut out any foods from your life because you just go crazy on them?


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