My New Cookbook

Happy St.P's Day! Though I don't recognize this as an actual holiday, last night I made a loaf of this and tonight we will be dining on this. Isn't everyone Irish today?

So a couple weeks ago, my sister Kimberly went to Holland on her spring break with her boyfriend Nick.

When they returned {and I stopped turning green with envy}, they had brought me back a gift.

It's a Dutch cookbook! Does my sister know me or does she know me?

I'm admittedly not completely familiar with Dutch cuisine. In fact, the closest I've ever come to Dutch food was at Linda's Pancakes in Aruba (which is in fact a Dutch island, by the by).

Oh how I wish I had one of these this morning. Anyhow, I cannot wait to dive into this cookbook!

With dishes like smoked salmon zebra and Dutch apple pie (oh my!), I feel like we've got a winner on our hands.

Oh and my favorite part thus far? The kissing porcelain dolls on the back.

So that's the story of my new cookbook that I can't wait to crack open. I am always a fan of trying out new foods and I love to see what other cultures eat! I think my favorite cuisine while traveling has been in Paris...steak, red wine, fries with mayo really can't beat that! So what about you? What's your favorite international cuisine? Have you gotten any new cookbooks lately?