I'm happy today friends.


I'm happy because it's Friday. Even though I'm getting my yawn on like it's my job. The above photo is an even happier me because I'm tan and on vacation. And I'm wearing a pretty dress.

I left the office early and went to happy hour last night. There were men there in kilts. Playing bagpipes. I didn't mind.

March Madness (basketball) started yesterday. It makes this guy very, very happy. Which makes me happy.


Even if it means I'm stuck watching hours of basketball. Which admittedly doesn't make me so happy. It meant relegating Jersey Shore to the DVR until further notice. I like to get my Pauly D fix as soon as possible. And try to justify my GSPL. Gym, Stay Pasty, Laundry. Anyone else suffering from this affliction? At least I got to eat this...


and this. It was delicious but salty. Very salty.

Today I kind of feel like one of these guys.


Also because I drank way too much of this...


I'm happy because The Hunger Games director cast Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. I think she's gorgeous.  And she rocks. I like.

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I did not like the last book of The Hunger Games. There, I said it.

I'm happy because it's the end of the week and my kitchen is relatively clean. I'm about to do the happy dance up in here.

I'm happy because all of you have been talking to me a lot lately. Keep that up, will ya? It makes my day.

What's making you happy today?